You can now claim your freebies for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge pre-orders in the USA

You can now claim your freebies for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge pre-orders in the USA

If you pre-order the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge from unqualified retailers you have been promised pardon stuff, most often - the Gear VR headset ($99 value) later than a bunch of compatible games. Samsung Promotions credited website is now living and allows you to notice your freebies.

You must pick the retailer where you pre-ordered your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge and later you can learn what's your prize.

AT&T, Metro PCS, Sam's Club, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Walmart, Verizon's Retail, pre-orders will complete Gear VR bundled considering some compatible games. First they dependence to message their prize via the Samsung Promotions website, otherwise they will not get any to hand stuff.

By the quirk, T-Mobile is throwing a 12-months pardon Netflix subscription in assistant to the Gear VR bundle.

Users who pre-ordered at BestBuy, Costco, Sprint, and Target will acquire their Gear VR bundle delivered directly to their dwelling without any subsidiary announcement.

Verizon Online is the unaided retailer to have the funds for entrance you to choose together surrounded by the Gear VR as soon as six games bundle of the dark gray model or the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch (sold for $300 separately).
Samsung Galaxy S7
All who pre-order the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge along in the middle of February 23 and March 18 are eligible for some pardon hardware. The supplies are limited even if, for that excuse if those influence to you, arbitrator placing an order sooner rather than far and wide ahead. The thesame goes for claiming the to hand stuff.

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