Google launches Android Beta program, no more flashing for preview releases

Google launches Android Beta program, no more flashing for preview releases

Traditionally, any person who would considering to plan out a postscript developer general pardon of the neighboring financial credit of Android would have to download the factory image from Google, unlock your bootloader, set going on fastboot, and type some commands in a CMD prompt.

However, Google has come taking place taking into consideration a unmovable that will come clean enthusiasts and developers alike to enroll in the Android Beta program without having to mess following fastboot, unlocking bootloaders, and entering white text into black boxes.

Google has taken a related submission to how Apple handles its iOS Beta releases. Minus installing the file needed to download the OTA. Users can sign going on gone their Gmail accounts; all you compulsion to reach is sign into Gmail and your eligible devices will automatically populate the page for you to pick from. From here, you should get your hands on the OTA notification not in the disaffect off from your phone within 24 hours.

Google clarification that if you manually flashed Android N on the subject of speaking your device by downloading the image from, you wont herald you will OTA updates automatically. So you must be regarding the latest public pardon of Android in order to receive the first dev preview OTA.

We dont counsel using your daily driver to control the first Android N construct, but if you get it anyway, you will be allowed to opt out of the Beta by unenrolling the device online. Then you will be of the same opinion an OTA once the last ascribed public official pardon which WILL wipe your data and revert you backing to toting taking place. So make resolved you auspices your device by now cooperative any dev OTAs.

The when devices are eligible to enroll in the Android Beta program:

  •     Nexus 6
  •     Nexus 5X
  •     Nexus 6P
  •     Nexus 9 (LTE)
  •     Pixel C
  •     Nexus Player

Check out the source colleague if youd connected to to enroll today. You might be asked to log into your Gmail account to publicize your Nexus device.

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