Save the date: Huawei P9 coming on April 6

Save the date: Huawei P9 coming on April 6

Huawei sent out "save the date" remarks to the press, promising to "Change the showing off you see the world" as soon as mention to April 6. It doesn't admit much to guess that this will be the Huawei P9 public message.

The hashtag is beautiful keen - #oo. Unless all rumors practically the P9 hence in the estrange afield are wrong, the phone will feature a dual camera setup, which can fairly adroitly be rendered in ASCII art as oo.

We expect to see compound versions of the P9, allegedly four in hermetic idea. The mainstream model will have a 5.2" screen and a Kirin 950 chipset, plus there's the P9max gone a 6.2" QHD+ screen, a P9lite isn't out of the ask either.



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